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Unfined is just fine!

We're changing the way we cask and bottle some of our beers.

After much discussion our golden, hoppy specials (and Resolution IPA) will now be unfined. What does this mean? Well, the idea is to present the beers in the most natural state as possible with the reward of richer, fuller flavours. Unfined beers will have a natural hop haziness.

They are also veggie/vegan-friendly.

What are finings?

A natural liquid product, generally isinglass that's derived from fish swim bladders (who on earth thought of that?!) A pint or so is added to each cask and attract the various proteins that are present in real ale and drag them to the bottom, leaving a crystal clear pint, but inevitably taking some flavour components away along the way. (Though of course in fined beers the clear pint in your hand doesn't contain any finings, that's all in the bottom of the barrel)

We still believe finings are best for traditional styles (and also our Bristol Blonde) but for the other hoppier styles the lack of finings will help bring out the valuable aromas and hop flavours.

Vive la difference!

Also unfined as keg and bottle-conditioned

Try our new craft keg beers that we’re gradually introducing; they’re ‘live’ beer in a keg that works especially well for the golden, hoppy beers.