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First Page Awards Award-Winning West Country Brewers Awards

Tremendous Delicious

4.2% abv Amber

1 pint=2.4 units

Malted biscuity, easy drinking

Made with all-British malt and hops. The name was chosen by a customer and we started from there! We’ve brewed a bitter that is distinctively different. Visually appealing and with an exceptionally well-balanced flavour.

Easy drinking need not mean bland. It uses a careful blend of five grains including Maris Otter (the finest British base malt) with complexity and body added by Caramalt. Classic Fuggles hops are supplemented by aromatic Bramling Cross hops.

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Good with food

Roast beef, lamb, casseroles

What’s in it

Maris Otter, Pale Maris Otter, Crystal, Caramalt, Wheat Malts

Challenger (UK), Fuggles (UK), Bramling Cross (UK) whole hops

Allergy advice

Contains gluten (barley, wheat)

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