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First Page Awards Award-Winning West Country Brewers Awards It’s all East from here

The Victoria

Southleigh Rd, Clifton,

Bristol BS8 2BH

The nearest of our pubs, a lovely walk to the other side of Clifton

The Green Man

Alfred Place, Kingsdown,

Bristol BS2 8HD

To get here you passed The Victoria en route...

The Hillgrove

Dove St (Hillgrove St North), Kingsdown,

Bristol BS2 8LT

To get here you’ve passed The Victoria and The Green Man.. When you leave here, a jolly walk down the hill to The Miner’s might beckon...

The Miner’s Arms

Mina Rd, St Werburghs, Bristol BS2 9YQ

To get here, you could’ve popped into The Vic, Green Man then The Hillgrove, all temptingly en route!

To return to The Portcullis by transport, it’s the No5 bus from James St to the centre then the circular No8 (to Regent St) or the long way round on the 9.

Or take the train from Montpelier to Clifton Down and walk.

The Portcullis

Clifton Village, Bristol

To get back to your starting point, if you don’t fancy the walk  you can get the Circular No 8 bus on Regent St

We hardly need to say it, but enjoy whatever you drink and take it steady!

Crawl starting at The Portcullis

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