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Mr Peppermint (bottles only)

4.2% Mint Porter

1 pint=2.4 units

First brewed for Bristol Beer Week in 2015.

Intriguing twist to this rich, full-flavoured and satisfying dark ale that’s brewed with an all-British blend of five grains and hops.

The mint lifts the palate; think Mint Club biscuit. Only less minty and more beery.

Chocolate hints and well-rounded finish.

Try also (NB *specials will be available irregularly)

Metropolitan*, Foresters Black*, Chocadee*, Black Flag*

Good with food

Chocolate, toffee, creamy desserts

What’s in it?

Munich, Dark Crystal, Wheat, Chocolate, Brown malts , lactose

Challenger (UK) hops

Peppermint essence

Water, yeast, finings

Allergy advice

Contains gluten (barley, wheat)

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